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...archives all of the text and image elements used by today's newspaper. SAVE supports multiple, simultaneous interfaces designed for users with various levels of experience. With SAVE, you can make archived news, photos, graphics (including PDFs) and other elements available to the entire organization, including external sites and bureaus. Moreover, SAVE's many value-added utilities help you accomplish your revenue-generation objectives.

Integrates text with photos and graphics
Store news articles with their related photos, charts, and maps. It's easy to link text and images in SAVE. With a single search, researchers and reporters can retrieve either the text or the image or both simultaneously! Users can recall text and images on any workstation, anywhere in the newsroom. Photos, graphics can be downloaded for reuse in their original file formats.

Transforms your archives into revenue
SAVE complements your online initiatives. SAVE provides newspapers with the ability to have their information reformatted, Web-enabled and distributed easily to make archives available on the Web and populate the paper's home page. Your archives can be retrieved on local Web pages, through our national Newspaper database or both. SAVE also feeds online vendors. No other archiving solution offers you more ways to make your content available to the public.

A powerful archival system with superior retrieval capability
SAVE offers a wide range of search functionality, including full-text, field and date searching. Search results can be ranked and sorted by any field. Searching and retrieving is easy for experienced as well as inexperienced users with our guided search feature.

Search Features
SAVE utilizes Hummingbird Search Server to provide robust search capabilities.

  • Data can be searched in full text or by field for hundreds of possible fields
  • Boolean connectors such as AND, OR and NOT are utilized
  • Searching can be by adjacency or proximity (either direction or one direction).
  • Date searching can be by single or multiple dates, date range or relative date such as "last two weeks." Refined date searching is available by day of week or month.
  • Modify search terms without re-keying existing terms
  • Global search simultaneously in multiple databases
  • Image search is accomplished by using any of these functions on the IPTC image
    information record

Relational Database and Systems Integration
SAVE provides an RDBMS tie-in to the product through an ODBC/JDBC driver. This will allow systems integrators to tie directly into SAVE's document and image repository and meta-data using standard SQL techniques. User may create Crystal or Access Reports on bylines, special feature coverage and more.

Accepts any type of data
The SAVE system accepts and processes input from virtually any source and in any format. Our customized programming automatically formats data before moving it SAVE's editing subsystem for enhancing. Our flexible and highly effective filter minimizes or eliminates the need to make manual changes before adding stories to the database.

A variety of output methods
A hallmark of SAVE is its ability to output information in a variety of ways. Output includes, but is not limited to, printing to dedicated or networked printers, e-mailing, sending to reporters' queues or baskets on the editorial system, faxing, or saving to a local disk drive. Many customers take advantage of SAVE's ability to send transmissions automatically to online vendors or to create tapes for vendors. SAVE offers you a solid foundation and many value-added utilities to help you accomplish your revenue-generation objectives.

Technical Specifications
Server – IBM pSeries hardware, IBM AIX OS. Actual model and processor capacity are scaled to individual site requirements.

Operating System – Minimum OS level: AIX: 5.1

Data Storage – IBM SCSI, SSA, or FAStT drives and arrays, customized to site requirements, up to 18.7TB. RAID levels 0-5 optional. IBM tape backup.

Data Storage Formats – Textual data is stored in industry standard XML format. Images are stored in their original file format thumbnails are generated and stored in JPEG format.

Support – 24-hour, 7-day technical and software support by SAVE support staff, including remote diagnostics. Hardware maintenance provided by IBM.

Software Costs
For a customized quote, please contact Tina Owens, Business Development Director, 800-762-8182.




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