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Advantages of Partnering with the Leader in Online Archives


  • Positive cash-flow from day one
  • Easy, right-to-the-point business model
  • No hidden costs, little to no start-up fees
  • Activity reports online, instantly, for any time period
Your Own Site Design
  • Design your archive pages with your logo, colors, look & feel
  • Change your archive pages on your own and at anytime
  • Build the search and results fields you want
We work to maximize the revenue from your content by:
  • Distributing your brand to schools, libraries and businesses through NewsBank Media Services
  • Marketing your archives through the national network of web sites

NewsLibrary Overview

The Revenue-Generating Online Archive Program
NewsLibrary, a NewsBank Media Services program, delivers public access to newspaper archives through the web. NewsLibrary now serves more than 200 newspapers, magazines, transcripts, and wire services and is the clear leader in operating newspaper-branded online archives. NewsLibrary's customer list includes such prestigious names as NPR Transcripts, Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report, as well as most of the Knight-Ridder newspapers

Low Risk, High Reward
Start-up costs related to getting your archives online are modest, since NewsBank Media Services is committed to gaining revenue through royalties rather than development fees. This not only frees your capital, but also encourages us to help our customers succeed. Moreover, our basic business model does not charge you monthly fees, so your online archives show a positive cash flow from day one.

Local Branding, National Marketing
With NewsLibrary, subscribers access your archives at your own site as well as throughout the entire network of Web Sites. The search and result pages are designed to fit the look and feel of your local site for a sense of seamless navigation. NewsBank Media Services also leverages a direct sales group to position your archives in schools and libraries nationwide. Our Professional Account Access targets law firms, government branches and other businesses that typically need to search newspaper information. Additionally, the network of websites showcases your archives before a national consumer audience, extending your reach and generating revenue from customers you might not normally reach.

How the Customer Uses Your Archives
Searches are unlimited and free of charge. Customers are billed either per downloaded article, or after they select a daily or weekly access pass.

Bringing Your Archives Online

Service Agreement Executed
After NewsBank Media Services receives your signed service agreement, we assign an Account Executive from our Support Group who will guide you through the rest of the process.

Data Conversion & Filtering

Provide Data
NewsBank will work with you to get a datafeed from your current archive or front-end system. NewsBank will filter, index and build your database and provide access so that you can perform quality-control checks prior to launch.

You can make corrections automatically by sending unique document Ids in both the back data and the live data, providing a status indicator showing new/correct/delete, and by sending the complete, corrected document(s) in your live data feed to NewsBank Media Services.

Daily Capture & Update
We will work with you to set up a daily capture and update process. The preferred communications method is FTP; however, you can also reach our capture system through a dial-up connection.

Web Pages & Templates
It takes just two HTML pages and three HTML templates to enable search and display functions through your website. We provide instructions with samples and documentation for the search and registration pages and the display templates. The search page can reside on your web server or NewsBank can host that for you,

Go Live!
Your revenue stream can begin as soon as your archived content is posted!


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